POOLBIKE® is currently the most advanced aquatic bike, thanks to innovative elements such as its progressive resistance and its pedals that can be comfortably used in barefeet. The bike is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their physical wellbeing; from the elderly looking for healthy exercise to professional sportspeople looking for a complementary training option. Main Characteristics · Progressive resistance in the pedal cycle. · Completely manufactured in stainless steel 316L and 316Ti and chemically treated to prevent corrosion. · Adjustable EVA anti-allergic pedal suitable for use with barefeet. Main benefits of Poolbike The water exerts pressure and resistance over all the parts of the body submerged in the water. This means that the muscles work more as they are constantly working without rest. The exercise is gentle but constant, with a greater caloric consumption. The pressure of the water compensates the arterial pressure effectively preventing the appearance of varicose veins and helps to eliminate cellulitis. Recommended for: Weight loss, physiotherapy, hip and back injuries, cycling training, aquatic fitness, elderly people, rheumatic diseases and general physical wellbeing. Totally adjustable POOLBIKE can be regulated in terms of saddle, handlebar and total height to adjust to pool depth and user height. The Evolution model also allows the regulation of the saddle. Poolbike EVOLUTION Código / Code 43459 This model is the top for to have all the possible adjustments is the model adapted for rehabilitation, personal training or for the user who wishes to totally adapt the bicycle to his preferences and necessities. Poolbike VERACRUZ Código / Code 45222 It is the best model in the relation price – quality, oriented to poolbiking classes or aquatic ciclying in groups, integrates all necessary adjustments. The inclination of the vertical pipes of the saddle and the handbar compensate the different heights of the users.

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43459 Poolbike EVOLUTION
45222 Poolbike VERACRUZ