Ultraviolet system ”LP” Range Elektra EA 4H

A fully automatic ultraviolet light (UV-C) system that provides double water desinfection via a significant reduction in chloramines (combined chlorine) and the elimination of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms that are present in pol water by preventing their production.
The end result is exellent water quality, without unpleasant odours or eye irritation, less chemical expense, and savings on water recycling. A residual level of desinfection is still necessary, although the cost of chemical products is singlificantly lower.
Easy installation via by-pass in the pool return line and minimal maintenance: only the lamp needs to be changed.
The Elektra EA range is used in Spas, Small pools and fish ponds. Exclusive design with a stainless steel chamber, perfect union assembly of chambers, which makes cleaning of Quarz tubes easier. The rotation of 360º of the inlet and outlet position of this range, makes an easy installation. HO Lamps at Low Pressure. Dosage: 30 mJ. Maximum water temperature 40ºC.

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
36835 EA-4H-5 – 3.6 m³/h View spares
36836 EA-4H-10 – 7 m³/h View spares
36837 EA-4H-20 – 9.6 m³/h View spares
36838 EA-4H-40 – 10.8 m³/h View spares
EA-4H-5 – 3.6 m³/h
EA-4H-10 – 7 m³/h
EA-4H-20 – 9.6 m³/h
EA-4H-40 – 10.8 m³/h
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