Faceplate FlexiRapid

Novelties 2019 LumiPlus Flexi Faceplate FlexiRapid

LumiPlus Flexi is a solution made up of 3 components including the faceplate.

They are available in 4 colors: White, Beige, Light Gray and Anthracite.

LumiPlus FlexiRapid spotlights adapt to any type of pool, liner, panel or concrete and with a 1 “1/2 nozzle installation.

To complete the FlexiRapid solution, the nozzle should be additionally purchased in the case of a new pool and the point of light adapted to the type of pool and / or need.

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
71211 Faceplate FlexiRapid White View spares
71211CL090 Faceplate FlexiRapid Beige View spares
71211CL129 Faceplate FlexiRapid Light gray View spares
71211CL144 Faceplate FlexiRapid Anthracite gray View spares
Faceplate FlexiRapid White
Faceplate FlexiRapid Beige
Faceplate FlexiRapid Light gray
Faceplate FlexiRapid Anthracite gray
Astralpool – Iluminación LED subacuática para piscina LumiPlus Flexi
Astralpool – LED underwater pool lighting LumiPlus Flexi
Astralpool – Éclairage subaquatique à LED pour piscine LumiPlus Flexi
Astralpool – Illuminazione subacquea a LED per piscina LumiPlus Flexi
Astralpool – Projector LED subacuático de piscina LumiPlus Flexi
Astralpool – Unterwasserleuchte für Schwimmbad LumiPlus Flexi
Astral Pool – onderwaterlicht voor zwembad LumiPlus Flexi
Remplacement d’un Projecteur PAR 56 par LumiPlus FlexiNiche
Sustitución de un proyector PAR 56 a un LumiPlus FlexiNiche.