Novelties 2018 H7 DUO APP

H7 DUO APP is our leading model of robotic pool cleaners. Its cutting-edge technology and contemporary design make it our top-of-the-range cleaner for private pools.
Thanks to a Bluetooth connection, the new Aquabot RC, available on App Store and Google Play, transforms your smartphone in a remote control that allows: manually control of the robot, program 3 cleaning cycles, delay start, pool shape, alarms, or consult relevant information about the robot.
H7 DUO APP is equipped with the Gyro Navigation and AquaSmart® systems. It takes the shortest route across the pool and automatically adjust to the pool’s shape. Recalculating all the time if the direction has been affected by obstacles or pool bottom.
Power and reliability thanks to their 2 traction motors and filtration pump in one only block, combined with 4 PVA brushes and 1 central vibrating brush for scrubbing any dirt before it is sucked up, and an adjustable height of suction nozzles to adapt to the type of dirt. Make the H7 DUO APP, the perfect robot to clean floor, wall, and waterline in all types of pools with a surface area up to 100 m2.
The new and revolutionary filters are built with 3D fabric fiber that has loops that trap the smallest particles. In addition, a LED indicator shows when the filter is full.
Easy Open: the filters can be accessed from the top and the transparent Easy View lid enables the level of dirt to be seen immediately. There is no need to come into contact with the dirt to clean the filter.
Advantages of a single platform and a block comprising 2 motors and 1 filtration pump, makes the new motor more powerful, more efficient, and more reliable:
– Improved power transmission.
– More effective vibration cleaning brush.
– Lasts longer: no drive belts required and enhanced motor seals.
– Enhanced features: double traction motor and Gyro system.
– Easy for customers to repair: 4 screws to replace the motor block and direct access to gears and bearings.

Gyro Navigation System
Professional Advice Recommended
Best in Class
Green Friendly
Time for you
Aquasmart Inside
APP Aquabot RC
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69967 H7 DUO APP

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