Opening your pool for a new season

The pool set-up

It is recommended that you start preparations for opening your pool for a new season at the beginning of spring so that you have plenty of time to fix any minor problems you may find.If you have been treating your pool over the winter, opening it for the new season will be very easy:

If you have a cover, the first thing to do is to take if off, clean it thoroughly and leave it dry in the open air. It is recommended that you continue to use the cover until the start of the bathing season. This will prevent the water from getting too dirty and will act as a safety barrier.

The next step will be to clean the filters using a chemical product. If the sand in your filter is over 3 years old, it would be best to change it before the start of the season.

You should check the state of repair of all of the built-in features in the pool shell. Examine the skimmers closely, and hose down the baskets, the overflow channel and the grating.

If you have underwater lighting, check that the projectors and the junction boxes are in good working order.

To clean the surfaces of the pool shell, non-abrasive materials should be used such as a sponge, brush or other materials specifically intended for this kind of job. There are also chemical descalers that are suitable for this task.

It is recommended that a pool cleaner be used to clean the bottom of the pool. There must be at least 40 cm of water in the pool to use one.

Check the state of repair of the hand rails, springboards and steps, and proceed to prepare them for use with products specifically designed to clean and shine them.

Finally, even if you have winterised your pool properly, the water must be refreshed for the new season.

When you fill or top up your pool, it is recommended that dichloride granules or fast dissolving chlorine tablets be added to the water to prevent it from deteriorating once the pool is full, and that a shock treatment to remove all germs and contaminants in the water be performed.

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