The advantages of steel

What is Inoxpool?

Stainless Steel has been invented in the early twentieth century when it was discovered that a small amount of chromium added to ordinary Steel, gave a bright aspect and make it highly resistant to dirt and oxidation.

Advantages of steel


Stainless Steel is one material that suffers less deterioration with the passage of time.


The impermeability of the material ensures no leaks.


Its non-porous surface prevents dirt sticking on the surface that greatly facilitates the cleaning.


Modular constuction allows adaption to all kinds of projects and facilitates the installation in short periods of time.


Steel is completely reusable and 100% reciclable, reducing enviromental impact.


Its elasticity and termal conductivity make it suitable for outdoor installations, because it resist freezing treatments without winterization.


The aesthetic of the stainless Steel, its brightness, the reflection of the water, give this type of construction of a highly valued exclusivity for those seeking something different.


The high hygienic material feature helps conserve and enjoy cleaner water and with less need of chemicals products, limiting algae growth.

Complete solutions

Our multidisciplinary team will help you in the development of your project, providing the level of experience and expertise you expect from a leader:

  • Analysis of the project. (and conceptual drawings)
  • Preliminary design and cost estimate.
  • Advice on water treatment.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Project management.
  • Installation

Inoxpool doesn’t have standard pools but creates unique and exclusive spaces based on the wishes of our customers. Thanks to its modular characteristic, it can be adapted to any environment. Your pool will be unique and exclusive.