A square spa with a capacity for 6 people. A spa ideal for hotels with wellness areas in small spaces. It has an ample bathing area, as well as prime features for receiving a relaxing hydromassage.

All about the Venecia spa

Spa Venecia AstralPool_Banner_2

Overflow spa

The overflow channel not only keeps the water at a constant level, no matter how many people are using the spa, but also makes it possible to thoroughly filter all of the impurities that remain on the surface of the water.

Full hydromassage circuit

It has a full massage circuit in all positions so that all users are given a quality massage, wherever they are seated. A total of 6 jets and 14 blast nozzles give a continuous massage inside the spa.


As an optional feature, a high intensity LED spotlight can be fitted inside for chromotherapy sessions.

Professional filtration unit

The filtration unit is made of high reliability components. Filtration is achieved through a sand filter. The unit comes with a fully equipped control box to facilitate installation.

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