Pure lines and simple shapes are the hallmark of this understated modern spa. With a maximum capacity for 7 users, it is a high performance spa intended to deliver an ideal product for the most demanding facilities.

All about the Tokyo spa

Spa Tokyo AstralPool_Banner_2

Overflow infinity effect

A small raised edge inside the spa shell enables the water to fall in a gentle cascade around the spa, directly into the overflow channel. The effect is relaxing and elegant.

Full hydromassage circuit
Spa Tokyo AstralPool

It has a full massage circuit in all positions so that all users are given a quality massage, wherever they are seated. A total of 58 water jets and 21 blast nozzles give a continuous massage inside the spa.


Chromotherapy generated from 4 high intensity LEDs that create unbeatable atmospheres.

Professional filtration unit

The filtration unit is made of high reliability components. Filtration is achieved through a sand filter. The unit comes with a fully equipped control box to facilitate installation.

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