The Select spa is the most comprehensive in the Essential range. A spa with 5 seats and 1 comfortable hydromassage lounger. Fully equipped with water and air jets, it massages every part of the body, including the neck and feet.

All about the Select spa

Spa Select AstralPool_Banner2

Design and ergonomics

The shell has been designed using the latest in software technology to achieve perfect ergonomics.

Full hydromassage circuit

52 water jets and 2 cascades. In the seated positions, there is the possibility of receiving a pleasant foot massage.


1 standard LED spotlight with the option of adding a further 5 LED spotlights and illuminated fittings. Chromatic light with various colour sequences.

High reliability spa

We use a structure made of galvanised steel and a highly resistant ABS base for withstanding the weight of the spa. The spa shell is reinforced to give the product a longer service life.


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