The smallest spa in the Essential range. A spa ideal for 2 people. Its ergonomic shape enables the body to adapt perfectly to the shape of the spa’s seat and lounger. Totally equipped for receiving a full hydromassage.

All about the Corner spa

Spa Corner AstralPool_Banner _2

Design and ergonomics

The shell has been designed using the latest in software technology to achieve perfect ergonomics.

Full hydromassage circuit

It has 22 water jets, 7 air nozzles and 2 cascades ideal for receiving a neck massage.

High reliability spa

We use a structure made of galvanised steel and a highly resistant ABS base for withstanding the weight of the spa. The spa shell is reinforced to give the product a longer service life.

Automatic water disinfection

Stand-alone filtration system with a silent filter pump. Has an ozone generator that removes all bacteria in the water.

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