Combination of relaxing and hand masaje through bithermal micro-jets, always starting with hot water. The Vichy Shower is a hydrotherapy treatment which consists in the application of various showers simultaneously from feet to head for different purposes depending on the pressure and temperature applied. The shower comes together with a ergonomic and confortable bed.

Installation recommendations:
· Minimum water pressure 3 kg.
· The 220V single phase power supply should be approximately 100 mm from the electrical control panel.
· The general hot and cold water inlet should be 22 mm in diameter with a ¾” thread.
· The placing of 2000 x 200 mm longitudinal drain or grill under the shower bed is recommended to catch the water overflow. Tube diameter for the drain inlet should be a minimum of 70 mm, due to the large amount of water which isconsumed in a short space of time.
· In order to ensure correct floor watertightness, it is recommendable that the entire surface of the room be covered in an asphaltic material with overlap of approx.250 mm on the walls for greater protection if possible.
· The electrovalve control panel can be located on a view inside the massage area, or it can be placed within a custom built cabinet or inside the machine room.

CODE Description Spare Parts
73905 Vichy shower articulated arm
73906 Vichy shower fixed arm
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