Swimspa Compact


'As it has a free space of more than 2 metres for swimming and doing sport, so it allows the kids in your family to enjoy the hot tub as if it were a mini swimming pool. And all while you enjoy a hydromassage in the jet area or do some rowing.
The swimspa allows you to heat up the water and maintain it at the desired temperature, so you can enjoy it throughout the year, whatever the temperature outside.
Options that add value
The standout option for this new swimspa is the Fitness Pack. It consists of:
• A pole with a harness for swimming: this accessory is easily installed on the surface of the hot tub. This means that you can swim comfortably without having to worry about moving forwards and hitting the swimspa’s wall.
• Elastic bands to perform various fitness exercises. These are installed using the hot tub’s stainless steel bars and can be combined with different positions.
• Oars: excellent exercise for the upper torso area. This consists of two oars installed on the wall of the hot tub, with elastic bands that allow you to adjust the tension. The natural position for rowing is from the central seat''

CODE Description Spare Parts
69128A1320 Swimspa Compact Coastal grey cabinet + LumiPlus
69128A4320 Swimspa Compact Without cabinet + LumiPlus
69128AB320 Swimspa Compact Urban Grey + LumiPlus
69129SE311 Swimspa Compact for external kit + Stainless steel jets + Colour LEDS + Digital control panel + Cover
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