Easy Salt Next is the next generarion of salt electrolysis system for residential and public pool applications of up to 190 g chlorine/hour. Easy Salt Next has a compact and cost-competitive equipment design. Made with high-pressure (polypropylene) cells equipped with Premium+ grade electrodes (up to 12.000 hours). The device includes a display LED screen to improve the user interface. Expandable functions with AP PR-200 controllers series.

CODE Description Spare Parts
72663 Easy Salt Next 75 See Spare Parts
72665 Easy Salt Next 100 See Spare Parts
72667 Easy Salt Next 150 See Spare Parts
72669 Easy Salt Next 190 See Spare Parts
72664 Easy Salt Next 75 + REG 1 (pH/ORP) See Spare Parts
72666 Easy Salt Next 100 + REG 1 (pH/ORP) See Spare Parts
72668 Easy Salt Next 150 + REG 1 (pH/ORP) See Spare Parts
72670 Easy Salt Next 190 + REG 1 (pH/ORP) See Spare Parts
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