Wall conduits in ABS concrete pool - Ø 63 mm / Ø 50 mm


Concrete pool - Wall bushings
Wall conduits in ABS
Wall conduit in ABS with smooth Ø 63 mm rear connection and smooth Ø 50 mm inner wall

Range of 300 mm long conduits for Ø 2” inlets and Multiflow that can be cut to different lengths, depending
on the thickness of the pool wall. Made of ABS. The ribs of the end plates have holes for fitting the wall
conduit to the pool structure, which makes assembly straightforward.

CODE Description Spare Parts
15659 2" front female thread nozzles
15660 Smooth Ø 59.3 mm front connection for nozzles to be glued to Ø 63 mm piping, 6-bar piping and MINI projector (33684)
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