Kit that allows to change the color of the Astralpool cartridge skimmers, the change can be made before mounting the skimmer in the pool or once the skimmer has been installed. The kit is available in beige, light gray and anthracite colors.
All components are made of ABS plastic resistant to ultraviolet rays.
Kit 73166CLXXX is compatible with filtering skimmers codes and Panel Protect skimmers codes 30866 and 30867 and skimmer 34413.
Kit 74035CLXXX is compatible with wide mouth skimmers codes 00251, 00252, 01463, 01464, 05282, 05286, 07830, 11304, 11305, 11311, 11313, 11314 and 11317.

CODE Description Spare Parts
73166#CL#129 Inlet sheath Light grey
73166#CL#144 Inlet sheath Anthracite See Spare Parts
73166#CL#090 Inlet sheath Beige
74035#CL#090 Inlet sheath Beige See Spare Parts
74035#CL#129 Inlet sheath Light grey See Spare Parts
74035#CL#144 Inlet sheath Anthracite Grey See Spare Parts
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