The best robot for your pool


Today, one of our highest values is time. Until recently, the greatest inconvenience of having a swimming pool was the weekly ritual of cleaning it to keep it in perfect condition.

Nowadays, there are products that can reduce your swimming pool’s maintenance requirements to a minimum so that you can spend your free time on enjoying your swim.

Accordingly, AstralPool provides you with a full range of products that reduce the time spent on looking after your swimming pool to a mínimum.

Automatic suction cleaners

So that keeping your swimming pool clean does not become an inconvenient or arduous task, there are automatic suction cleaners.

They are robots that move around the bottom and/or walls of the swimming pool on their own, sucking in and automatically collecting the dirt particles they find on their way.

Their use represents a saving of more than 20% in water consumption for the filter-wash process and they provide consistent cleaning to avoid the excessive consumption of chemical products.

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