BIM Methodology

The BIM Methodology

Our engineering team has designers, engineers and architects who work in a BIM environment using the latest technology available to come up with projects in the shape of 3D models so that the best solution for a facility can be found.

The use of BIM methodology has proven to us that it has the following advantages in comparison with the traditional method for designing facilities:

  • Decisions can be taken on the investment to be made by comparing the functionality, scope and cost of solutions.
  • Comparative studies can be conducted on energy and environmental requirements so that design solutions can be chosen and targets set for monitoring the running of a building and its services.
  • The different design and construction teams involved can work on common ground.
  • Quality and the exchange of information are enhanced to make the design process more effective and efficient.
  • All of the stakeholders involved are aware of the information about a facility, from the design phase through to the demolition of a building, its construction, use and maintenance.