Victoria Plus Silent mit variabler Geschwindigkeit

Entspannen Sie sich und genießen Sie die Stille Ihres Pools

  • Exzellenz beim Energiesparen
  • Hoher Komfort
  • Optimierte Filtrationsqualität


The Victoria Plus Silent pump for residential pools comes with two motor powers, has variable speeds and can be automatically controlled.
This pump has been designed for both new-build pools and as a replacement for pumps already fitted.
Significant power savings can be made thanks to the use of variable speeds and the timer.
The pump is compatible with the Fluidra Connect platform.
It has a built-in HMI controller with the possibility of mounting it on a wall for better usability.
Bathers experience a greater feeling of well-being due to the reduced noise level.
There are digital inputs and outputs for the smooth running of all pool units, such as the salt chlorinator and heat pump. It includes a power factor correction function for reducing current flow. It does not require an external power pack for Fluidra Connect.

CODE Beschreibung Ersatzteile
67547 VICTORIA PLUS SILENT VS - 1 HP Siehe Ersatzteile
67548 VICTORIA PLUS SILENT VS - 2 HP Siehe Ersatzteile
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