TOP Safety Barrier

AstralPool barriers increase swimming pool safety avoiding children under five and animals to enter the pool. They are built using joining panels, which consist of 2 post on each end and one polycarbonate wall that joins them, standing 1,2m high. They are developed in line with the French regulation NF P90-306 (May 2004 edition), the hardest European safety regulation. These safety barriers are easy to assembly and dismantle and objects cannot fall or roll under the fence. It is impossible to climb the wall. Ø 63mm posts made in AISI-304 Stainless Steel. It includes an access door in line with the regulation and post are clamped using screws, expansion plugs and flange tiles. In order to keep the stainless steel in optimum condition we recommend the occasional maintenance for the product.

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
32664 S.S. Post
32665 90º S.S. Post
32666 Set of glass fixing sections
32667 Glass panel
32668 Glass barrier door
S.S. Post
90º S.S. Post
Set of glass fixing sections
Glass panel
Glass barrier door