How a pool works

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Filtration equipment The filtration system is one of the most important components of a pool. It is the main way of cleaning the water as it removes impurities and makes the water suitable for swimming.

Pool vasin equipment The pool shell is the structure that contains the water. It can be made of concrete, be a liner or prefabricated, which will determine the types of accessories to be fitted to the pool shell.

Cleaning Pools need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they are in a perfect state of repair. Pool cleaners are currently available that will enable you to effortlessly clean your pool in less time than ever before.

Poolside equipment Some of the features around your pool not only have a functional purpose but also add value in terms of design and quality.

Dosage and regulation In this section of pool accessories, you will find all of the components needed for dosing and controlling chemical products.

Heating Heating your pool will enable you to enjoy it for longer by increasing the water's temperature by a few degrees.

Security The safety features will help you prevent accidents when your are using your pool

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1 Filter
2 Pump
3 Selectore Valve
4 Hydrospin
5 Skimmer
6 Level regulator
7 Return inlets
8 Projectors
9 Automatic Pool Cleaners
10 Ladder
11 Shower
12 Control panel
13 Chlorine dispensers
14 Heat pump
15 Automatic covers
16 Safety barrier