Pumps & Filters

The circulation and filtration of the swimming pool water are the key to maintaining a clean and healthy pool for swimming, relaxing and having fun. The water is taken through the pump that pushes it towards the filter that eliminates the larger particles and impurities.

The cleaning of the water is completed with physical or chemical treatments.

Filtering the water correctly reduces the amount of product required to treat the water considerably. After the process has been completed, the water is returned to the swimming pool in perfect conditions for bathing.

AstralPool supplies self-priming, centrifugal and submersible pumps, housings and accessories.

For the filtration process, it supplies diatomaceous, cartridge, sand, laminated and bobbin-wound pumps, compact filter units and all kinds of accessories.

NanoFiber, filters reinvented

The self-cleaning NanoFiber filter for pools of up to 90 m³, is not a traditional cartridge filter. The difference lies in the material used to make the filter.

The innovative material used to make the filter is of a higher quality than other filters thanks to the nanofibre network. Moreover, its ease of handling makes the NanoFiber the perfect choice of filter.

Another of the device’s great advantages is that it is easy to clean. The self-cleaning system on top of the main body has a lever that is easy to automate.

Apart from the fact that NanoFiber is easy to use, clean and reliable, they also highlighted its compact design and sustainability.

This system is an example of efficient water use and is compatible with other filtration and pumping systems.



Hydrocyclonic pre-filter

Hydro-cyclone cleaning pre-filter that can be installed in filtration systems in new and existing installations. It can treat flow volumes of up to 30 m3/h with a maximum working pressure of 2.5 bar.

It is installed between the pump and the filter, separating solids of up to 40 microns to reduce the wash water consumption of the filtration system by half.

The HydroSpin has a solids collection tank with 3 different areas (decantation, classification and thickening).

It can be cleaned with only 5 litres of water without the need for stopping the pump and there are two models: Hydrospin and Hydrospin Compact.





Cantabric filter , tranquility and security for your pool

The wide range of Cantabric filters is considered one of the most enduring filters range on the market optimizing performance and profitability.

Made of injected thermoplastic material and then both halves are welded and assembled with collectors and diffuser of inalterable plastic getting full protection againts erosion without maintenance.

One of its main features is its innovative design, which gives it a unique personality within the AstralPool filter range.



Astralpool Novedades

Viron variable speed pumps

Variable speed pumps AstralPool Viron are the most efficient solution for the pool and let adjust its performance according to the installation and user needs.

By increasing and decreasing its speed, not only modify the speed and flow-rate, but also energy consumption.

Halving the speed of the pump is able to reduce the energy consumed in more tan 85%.

AstralPool offers you inside Viron range, two different models: Viron P320, ideal for the average sized pool and Viron P600, capable of the most demanding applications with high glow and high pressure all the while delivering the utmost in energy efficiency.