Pool heating

Heating the swimming pool means being able to use it for more months of the year and improves comfort simply by increasing the temperature of your pool by a few degrees. There are technologies for all kinds of pools, whether indoor or outdoor, new or old.

When choosing the right heating system, consideration is given to factors such as the type of pool, the ambient temperature and level of humidity, especially with outdoor pools.

AstralPool’s products include heat pumps, cooling pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, solar panels and dehumidifiers.



Heat Pumps

Air/water heat pumps for heating pool water make it possible to prolong the bathing season by taking advantage of the fee calories in the air. AstralPool has a number of models in this family, of which it is worth highlighting the AstralPool Heat II. Its main characteristics are the energy savings it makes as it adjusts a pool’s setting to deliver optimum performance, the wireless remote control, the alarm history report and the home automation system.

Other models are the Pro-Elyo Inverter heat pump, intended for private outdoor pools as it is extremely silent, and the EvoLine heat pump, designed to heat pools more cheaply and that can be controlled from mobiles via Wi-Fi from a free App.

Find the best option for you with our AstralPool Heat pump configurator.



Heat exchangers

New compact electric heater used for heating pool and spa water. Linear configuration that offers ease of installation, simple and elegant lines and new user interface clear and simple: Now with touch sensors and next-generation OLED display.



Solar collectors

Climatización AstralPool


.Solar collectors for solar heating are a source of renewable energy, inexhaustible and non-polluting. They were developed in order to heat large volumes of water with the greatest cost savings and as practically as possible.

The solar collectors are manufactured from polypropylene with anti-UV additives and colouring in black, highly resistant rubber sealants and clamps, as fixing elements, injected in ABS.



Dehumidifiers are used for the dehumidification of indoor pools, using the latent heat of evaporation and the performance of the system itself to heat the pool water and the room air, and to control the three parameters which define comfort in a swimming pool: water, air and relative humidity.

The energy savings achieved with these systems compared to traditional climatization systems mean that they are virtually essential when you wish to heat an indoor pool. The wide range of models covers all requirements of the market.

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