NanoFiber, the most efficient filtration system for residential pools

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AstralPool’s new self cleaning filter has nanofiber technology that improves the quality of water and an operating system exclusive to the company, all of which ensures top quality filtered water in pools of up to 90 m³.

Its exclusive filtering system enables particles as small as 5 to 8 microns to be filtered and prevents dirt from building up in the device.

Apart from the fact that NanoFiber is easy to use, clean and reliable, this system is an example of efficient water use and is compatible with other filtration and pumping systems.



The new generation of countercurrent solutions

Countercurrent swimming equipment for residential pools.

Made of stainless Steel, the AstralPool countercurrent swimming devices have a suction capacity of 60 m³/h and enable users to customize their therapeutic or recreational water activities and training in any kind of swimming pool.

Their compact design and small size allow their installation in a small space and facilitate their full integration into the surface of the swimming pool as well as multiple installations.

The range is made up of 3 models ( Basic NL, Basic ND and Advance ND ) with different features and resistance levels that are suitable for both beginners and more experienced and advanced swimmers.


R3/R5 robotic pool cleaners

Robot AstralPool R5

Elegant and with an exceptional design, the R3/R5 pool cleaner removes all dirt from pool bottom and walls thanks to its smart electronic components and its efficient Gyro system that scrubs dirt off any surface.

It is characterised by its excellent ergonomics, lightweight design, and filters that can be reached from the top.

Thanks to its transparent covers, it is easy to tell when the filters need cleaning.

It works in 2.5 hour cycles and comes with an 16 m floating cable with swivel mechanical and height-adjustable suction nozzles to ensure it adapts perfectly to any pool.

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Gyro Navigation system

Commercial swimming pool technology now available for residential swimming pools.

The GYRO navigation system was only available for commercial swimming pool models until relatively recently.

The spread of this technology in mobile devices has popularized the use of this technology and it now makes sense to use it in residential pool applications as they ensure an optimal route, adding the intelligence that users would expect of an efficient robot.

Gyro is a new intelligent navitation system integrated into the TOP ACCES pool cleaners range.

The Smart GYRO navigation system ensures maximum cleaning efficiency and precision steering and turning that ensure optimum pool coverage.

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Neolysis Zero Salt x UV, high technology in UV disinfection

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Neolysis is the most advanced water treatment by AstralPool:

+ sustainability + disinfection + Innovation + health

With this system, the quality of water is maximum, even suitable fo watering.

Low salinity and dual disinfection based on UV and electrolysis.




Viron variable speed pumps

VironVariable speed pumps AstralPool Viron are the most efficient solución for the pool and let adjust its performance according to the installation and user needs.

By increasing and decreasing its speed, not only modify the speed and flow-rate, but also energy consumption.

Halving the speed of the pump is able to reduce the energy consumed in more tan 85%.

AstralPool offers you inside Viron range, two different models: Viron P320, ideal for the average sized pool and Viron P600, capable of the most demanding applications with high glow and high pressure all the while delivering the utmost in energy efficiency.