Fluidra Connect

Fluidra Connect


Control your pool wherever you are

Fluidra Connect is a powerful online services platform that has made the remote control of all pool maintenance functions possible for the first time.

All the equipment that makes a pool’s optimal performance possible, from the filtration system to the lights and temperatura control, through to the chemical treatment of pool wáter, are linked to a Connect Box, a new device that ensures pool performance, as well as reporting platform parameters and control data remotely at the same time.

Users, who only need a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, can Access all pool information-easy-to-read with graphs and reports that notify them of any issues or indicators that need to be to monitores-via a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

In addition, new Fluidra products will incorpórate the new communications protocol in their MODBUS configuration in order to facilitate component interconnection.

Visit Fluidra Connect website and contact your dealer.