Covers are an essential element in addition to help preserve water quality, provide significant advantages in safety aspects, ecology and aesthetics.


Safety, the pleasure of peace of mind

AstralPool automatic covers and its different solutions provide safety and peace of mind. For times of the year when the swimming pool is not in use and for families with small children, having a cover for your pool is an essential safety measure. Our covers resist up to 100 kg in the middle of the cover.

Sustainability, demostrable advantages

AstralPool’s concern for the environment is in no way a passing fashion. The advantages are demonstrable, direct and practical from the start. This has led AstralPool to make a commitment with sustainability through a specific product line in which covers play a very important role.

Installing a slatted cover reduces water loss from evaporation by up to 65% in private pools. It also reduces the number of filter washes and the use of chemical products.

AstralPool’s products include thermal covers, protection covers, automatic covers and telescopic covers. 

Sumerged automatic covers



The submerged models are especially designed for both new build and existing pools.

Both the roller shaft and the cover are inside the pool structure, ensuring perfect harmony with the pool’s surrounds.




Above ground automatic covers

Cubierta automática AstralPool

Above ground covers are another, simpler solution that are easy to install and start up.

Ideal for installation in existing pools as the roller shaft is located out of the pool and anchored to the pool edge.



Solar covers



These models run on solar energy, making them a very environmentally-friendly product.

It reduces water evaporation and heat loss in your pool. The cover also minimises premature evaporation of pool chemicals.