Commercial pools



Competition pools products

AstralPool has all products regarding competition pools as starting blocks, lane ropes, floats, indicators, turning panels…..






Pool cleaners for commercial pools

There Ultra range has been designed to clean public pools.

It has four models: Ultra 125, Ultra 250, Ultra 500 and Ultramax Gyro for pools from 15 to 50 metres. They clean the pool bottom, walls and water line. Equipped with a periscope, they ensure pools are cleaned from top to bottom.






Recessed materials NORM, safety in public pools.

New family made up of skimmers, drains and inlet fittings compliant with the specications of standard EN-13451-1:2012.

Norm family is suitable for concrete and prefabricated pools.



Movable Wall

AstralPool-Pared-móvil-Piscina-PúblicaA single pool can be divided into two different pools for different uses. With this system, pool space and versatility, and therefore profitability is optimised, resulting in lower installation costs.

This system is easily adaptable and can be used in both new and existing pools. Recommended for Olympic swimming pools 25 x 50 x 2 meters.

AstralPool has developed a patented movable wall system, based around a modular design which offers one significant advantage above all others; versatility.

The partial removal of these modular panels allows the full lenght of the pool to be used, should that be required.



Sparger – Safety system for diving pools



Safety system created to minimize the injuries of diving athletes at the time of impact with the water.

The difusers are placed at the pool bottom, and they bring high pressure air. The air mixes with the water and creates a cushion of bubbles that protects the athlete.

The system is made up of:

Compressed air unit with power setting of between 18,5 abd 22 kW.

System control unit that combines electric and pneumatic control.

Aerator boxes made of stainless Steel and designed for liner pools ( 1,5 /3 /5,5 m)

User control ( manual setup using contractors and automatic configuration of the system using the touch scrred located in the pool pump room ) Remote control setup using wireless push button.