Modular pools

Swimming pools ready to enjoy

Swimming pools ready to enjoy

ModuloPool is a swimming pool structure that combines modular panels with the strength provided by concrete, without the disadvantages of a structural framework with inside and outside coating. Additionally, ModuloPool takes less time to install, and provides the freedom to choose the shape ( it is module-based ), as well as a significant reduction in costs.

Resistant and long-lasting

ModuloPool panels are made from polypropylene, a plastis that is very resistant to chemicals, to high and low temperaturas and also to temperatura variations. In addition, it can be recycled. The strenght and durability of ModuloPool are the same as in a traditional pool.

Quick and easy to install

Assembling ModuloPool is easy. It takes approximaterly two people one day to install a ModuloPool structure of 8×4. The speed of assembly means that pool owners can enjoy their pool sooner.


The ModuloPool concept is module-based so that it can be adapted to the needs of customer, in terms of shape and dimensions, and accessories to be added to the pool. Special panels have been designed to include lighting, embedding material, stairs, etc. In addition, all types of automatic covers are compatible with ModuloPool.


ModuloPool saves time, as well as money. ModuloPool’s exclusive construction system enables: Savings of 35% in components to reinforce the structure and savings of 50% in concrete. In addition, ModuloPool gives you 10 years guarantee.

Do you want to design your ModuloPool?

Using our configurator, designing your ModuloPool is very easy.

All you have to do is visit and fill in the information in the fields requested and you will instantly obtain the design of your dream pool. If you wish, you can add the recommended features in the accessories section to your design.

Once you have finished, do not hesitate to ask for a quote or see your nearest dealer.

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