Overflow Channel Grating

Swimming Pool Pool Surround Equipment Overflow Channel Grating

Overflow Channel Grating

AstralPool has a wide of range of gratings, with various assembly systems. From straight lines to angles of 45–90º, through to curves.
AstralPool gratings, made of PP, are resistant to the action of UV rays, have an non-slip surface and high mechanical resistance, and cannot be altered by chemical or atmospheric agents.
Consisting of modular plates for straight or curved stretches (exterior radius of 1 or 2 m) with a quick-click assembly system (male-female), the
grating has a certain degree of elasticity for assembly purposes, as well as preventing potential shrinking and expansion due to the effect of temperature differences.
For all models of grating, a channel 5 mm wider than the grating must be built so that it easily fits into place and any potential expansion is prevented.

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